Saturday, January 22, 2011

Equilibrium: Reality Check

The pretense for the movie was, that we that we are better off not to feel, we can inoculate ourselves from feelings, apathy is the cure.  A world where emotion would be a crime, all things that evoke emotion be banned....  Supposedly a peaceful society....  A society with no colour....A society with no passion....A society with no fervour.....A society with no drive, other than to survive as a race. 

My question.....How do we survive if we cannot feel?  The human infant is helpless, to survive and to thrive, a degree of empathy is required.  I am still confused about the term sociopathy and how it relates to a lack of empathy, and how it then translates to acts of criminal intent and sadism.

I have another the self acclaimed sociopaths among us, aren't most of you living a lie?  Unless you will admit to much deeper psychopathic leanings.  You say that you suffer from simple apathy, so how can you gain pleasure from anything, let alone tormenting others - your words not mine?   You all write interesting blogs about sociopathism, however, according to yourselves, you "seem" to experience pleasure from your deviant activities.....  Isn't this a juxtaposition from what you call yourselves?  If you cant experience "feelings" about a kitten, how can you experience "feelings" about sadism (pleasurable or otherwise).  You make an unfortunate connection regarding sociopathy and nastiness.  This is your biggest faux-pas.  Being a sociopath isn't a fashion accessory, nor is it an excuse to be an asshole. Dexter is cool, but none of you truly appreciate the fiction here.  Sociopathy is merely a differential in society, much like left handedness, or dyslexia.  It is not sadism by default.

If you want to be an asshole, front up and admit it, don't just call yourself a sociopath because some prime time TV show made it cool.  If you are a sociopath, that is one thing.  If you are a sociopath with issues, get help, like the rest of us would....For those of us who were never nurtured, I am deeply sorry - but don't make the world pay.


  1. Who are you addressing, here? :P

    Kitties are cute, but I prefer puppies.

    Who is saying we don't have feelings or emotions, anyway?

  2. I've been doing a lot more reading than I have been writing =)

  3. This old article is sort of on-topic.

  4. lol I've already read it... lol truly =)

    u r missing my point. people are just people, people who want to be mean and nasty are mean and nasty, people who want to be predatory and cruel are predatory and cruel. sociopath = people, empaths = people. there is no "<" less than, ">" or greater than principal here. The feeling of "nothing", does not by default mean the feeling of "evil".

    The mere fact that you will find more psychopaths in prisons means no more than the fact you will find more empaths in mental hospitals. To be able to commit a crime with no remorse, is still a crime. Just because you are a sociopath doesnt mean you are no more likely to commit the crime, you just wont feel bad about it. That is the difference =)

  5. Actually it does mean you are more likely to commit a crime. And that's a fact. One you should have read.

  6. I have read lots of things note. Just because most criminals are sociopaths, doesnt mean all socipaths are criminals. I think criminal socipaths are the result of a combination of factors - like a science experiment gone wrong. I think you will find most sociopaths are out of prison.

  7. We can agree most aren't in prison, because that's a statistical fact.

    I'd posit that we are mostly criminals, even if it is petty crime. NT folks are too, but possibly less inclined to ignore the law/morals (with the exception of traffic laws, for some weird reason).

    Even something petty like killing your neighbor's rooster is a crime. And the fact that you were contemplating doing it to his protege speaks for itself.

    Crime is crime. Career criminals, that's a whole other category.

  8. so i delete things that become an inconvenience to my life. criminal activity has nothing to do with it. when it comes to criminality, being convicted of a crime would be quite inconvenient. serial killers and violent criminals see this as a risk worth taking. i personally enjoy the luxury of life outside of bars far more rewarding.

    what i take issue with here, is that i have been reading sociopaths blogs and they seem to be sensationalising sociopathic behaviour. if you want to be a serial killer, you should just go for it. just because people are colour-blind doesnt automatically mean they will murder the rainbow.

    being sadistic stands alone, sociopaths wont feel bad about being sadistic, that is a fact, but sadism is not a prerequisite for being a sociopath. i am starting to realise that there is a fashion statement going on here. dyslexia was cool in the 80's, autism was cool in the 90's (oh and MPD), sociopathism is cool now - thanks dexter.

    i see sociopathism as a tool - i can sort through a range of expected responses to external stimuli and pick the response i feel best serves my needs. with the cold logic i have been gifted, knee-capping a rival may be pleasurable for revenge but unwise. i would instead choose to hold myself in check and at the right moment watch them tumble (from a distance), knowing my careful manouvering made it so. then i can say with a measure of satisfaction, they could have walked away at anytime. cornering and overpowering someone weak and defenseless would make me feel like shit, and it would prove nothing more than i am better or stronger than them on many levels - which i already knew - what would be the point in that?

    i told my neighbour that if he wanted to keep his rooster, he needed to keep it on his property, otherwise i would consider it my rooster to do with as i pleased. no crime

    i seek to sharpen my tools, not blunt them.

  9. just because people are colour-blind doesnt automatically mean they will murder the rainbow.

    Analogy of the year!