Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lightning Never Strikes Twice

....Bullshit, it almost always does....  Well OK, not in the literal sense, but when we say "Lightening never strikes twice" we're not actually talking about lightning are we.

Life is shit, life is unfair, winning is 50% effort and 50% luck.  We bolster ourselves up with a whole lot of philosophical, philanthropic rubbish to make the thought of facing each new day easier, but its just a load of shit.  Call me a pessimist, a cynic, I don't even care, I consider myself a realist.  I tell myself all those crappy lies too, before I'm even aware, those things are just falling out of my mouth.  Why do we do it to ourselves?  We create illusions based on ridiculous ideals, that are not based in reality - we fight against logic to do so.  No wonder so many kids leaving home and going into the real world find themselves on Prozac or swinging from a rope shortly after.

I have been "off desk" recently because I have been going through some minor crises, some of them inner, some of them outer, none of which I am going to get into, except to write about the thoughts they provoked.

What is it all about? This madness that has become our life on earth... I want truth, i really want to know about it. What really goes on, in the diseased underbelly of our world. An idealist lurks within me, a naive child who believes in the tooth fairy, Santa and 'right', among a few other fairy tales. But in my heart I know that justice, truth and 'right' does not exist, not in this world, this world of dualities, ironies borne, not of fate, but of iron will.

We are in the midst of a new age. the "Every man for himself" age. Fuck the weak and infirm, fuck the ground we walk on, fuck everyone in the world who is not "ME". We burn everything we touch, we have the Midas touch of shit. Everything we touch turns to dust, and before the last spec hits the ground, we are off to the next thing to turn to dust. Where is the honour in any of it?  King of all species, top of the food chain, but the legacy is just embarrassing....

Pretty soon a zoo will be a sad collection of moth eaten stuffed animals and a wealth of information on microfiche. The Japs will have synthesised their whale meat for the purpose of scientific study. They will probably use soy, there isn't a damn thing they haven't made out of that shit, so they will probably use that. Have you tried out the new soy underwear? Or was that bamboo? Fuck I really cant keep up...

When was the last time any of these fuckers had a decent crap, like a really good long shit. One of those transcendent experiences that make you really think, like your brain can actually breathe all of a sudden. If a high school drop out, delinquent chef can figure it out..... I seriously wonder if they are all on meth-amphetamines. I would compare it to something, but nothing quite compares.

I don't think people talk about it enough, the actual state of it it. I want to scream about it, how wrong it all is. But people just sit around, accepting it all, docile as fuck. I do too, its something I dislike about myself, but it takes a huge amount of guts to stand up and say what you think - risk falling off the white picket fence into the vastly unpopular paddock of truth. It starts the moment you are born, the sheep mentality, the acceptance of bull crap as gospel. Rather strange for a highly intelligent species, especially given our proudly ignorant air of superiority over it all.

I kind of relate to the reckless abandon of crazy people. They are clearly nuts, but you have to respect the honesty. No matter how misguided they may be, they 100% believe in it and aren't afraid to tell anyone who will listen. Its excellent, I'm jealous.

I boycott the news and all other sponsored media. It's all utter jism. I wont pay to watch people wanking in's just gross. It's just one big massive stroke fest. Who can we afford to piss off the least? The danger of being offside with someone important far outweighs the risky business of integrity and truth. Welcome to age of censorship folks! Lies are the exquisite couture of politicians and powerful stakeholders. Let those who will be deceived, be deceived!!!
They give us too much to think about, its like mass hypnosis. Its hard to keep the reality alive amidst all of the plastic rubbish we are force fed. 95% of the world is dying through poverty and starvation, the other 5% are dying from diseases of affluence and gluttony. Go figure? They just couldn't fucking help themselves. The only other animal that I am aware off that will eat themselves to death are goldfish... goldfish and the odd corgi. What does that tell you? It tells me that there is a distinct possibility that I'm living in a goldfish bowl. We ARE goldfish. I mean we swim around like them, not really aware that we live in a bowl that is shielded from the actual real world. Except goldfish eat whatever floats on top, sadly we are bottom feeders.....  Apparently goldfish have a 20 second memory, I'm not going to argue about that, but we aren't so different.  How many times have we fucked up, and not learned?  Shameful....

It's not all bad, we got to see Mel Gibson killed a few times on the silver screen. We had Ghandi, and Bob Dylan, the Antichrist never came.... or did he/she/it? Maybe there was more than one?

There is one chain of thought that proposes that the Antichrist has merely been recycled throughout history, kind of like our booze bottles except its not at the crack of dawn every Monday, more like once every generation. I wonder if each president or prime minister was our turn of the Antichrist.

Over stimulation is the new weapon against the people. We (Westerners) are perplexedly overwhelmed by life, and yet all of our needs are met. We are not being slain by machetes and we happily eat ourselves to death. I just don't get it? There are whole industries borne of our innate inability to cope with life; drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, self help. We indulge in every new age charlatan pedalling happiness, youth, popularity, stimulation. We have simply developed the handicap of needing far too much attention. If we were babies, we would be dropped off at the nearest Romanian orphanage for chewing our mothers breast off.

I'm right up there with the best of them, I want everything! And what would I do when I had everything I ever desired? Want more of course. Not one of us is innocent, we are being conditioned to consume more and more. Chew it up and spit it out, and at the heart of nearly every thought is "and how does this affect me?"... well who actually gives a fuck, I sure as hell don't... I'm far too busy being worried about myself.


  1. I didn't realize there was a peaceful age of us, and giving. I guess I must have slept through it.

    In the last century, the world, and the west, has become no more greedy, no more corrupt, no more distracted, no more hypnotized. Only the means, the stakes, and the public acknowledgment of it all. Having your face in a book or comic is no different than a glaring monitor, and listening to the ball game on the radio is no more arresting than the tele. I've had the "pleasure" of poverty, the "joy" of being well off and now sit somewhere in between. I was more lost to the world when I was humble, more distracted, because I was isolated from it.

    Stop worrying about other people. You haven't awoken from a Matrix pod, looking at the vast human harvest. You don't pay people half the credit they deserve. Sure, there are true fools and idiots, but can you tell from only your eye? Humans are naturally clever and cunning creatures, otherwise wouldn't be here today.

    Stepping back is not progress. You can only move forward, and take the bad with the good before the good stagnates from a lack of change.

  2. whoa there nelly, that's a lot of batshit crazy spilling out of your head.
    don't get me wrong i understand the sentiment - like you are trapped in the matrix, knowing you are surrounded by an unreality and you don't understand why others can't see it - but from the style you've expressed it in the men in white coats aren't far away now... keeping a grip on reality is easier than losing it and regaining it, so take care.

  3. No... I wont accept that we cant be better, I wont accept that just because we have been awful, that we have to continue to be so. This is just the attitude that holds us back. We are actually far better than that, and you know it, as well as I. Clever and cunning? Enough to survive? I am well awakened from my matrix pod, I dont give credit when it's not due, 90% of the human race are sleeping, I'm not one of them.

    I'm not talking about history, since whe has the past proved a good blueprint for the future? You talk about progress and yet want to compare us to what was. Thats my point exactly. Hitler, Chruchill, Genghis Khan, Ceasar, Pol Pot, Margret Thatcher... Yes lets say we cant do better than any of that.

    What I AM saying is lets not repeat past mistakes, being so clever and cunning and everything....

  4. um....rescog? if you are talking to me, you got a whole pint of kettle black going spare.... and isnt that what blogs are about anyways? wtf is reality anyway??? are you back on your meds? its not suiting you....

  5. Two intelligent people made nearly the same remark. Two different people with two different views on life, philosophy, et cetera, with two different "attitudes" to it.

    Perhaps you ought to stop for a moment and wonder why.

  6. About what??? My post obviously pushed some buttons, but I dont know why? I dont think there is anything remarkable or spectactular about what I said at all. Batshit crazy??? Not that it matters, but a fairly strange statement coming from someone who had this conversation:

    1. I don't have a conscience
    skype chat recently with a friend I've come 'out' to:
    GB: so you never feel guilty?
    Res: nope
    GB: weird, as an overly emotional person in a negative sense, this intrigues me
    Res: i experimented when i was about... 10
    GB: by doing what?!
    GB: !?
    GB: ahhh
    Res: torturing and killing a frog
    GB: aw, that's mean!!
    Res: then a bird
    Res: then a cat
    GB: noooooo, i have a cat!
    Res: then i stopped...
    GB: my cat is awesome
    GB: how the fuck did you catch a bird?
    Res: i figured i'd move up the evolved sentience scale in case my guilt only kicked in at some point...
    Res: i shot it with a catapult. fucking awesome shot
    Res: the animals were more experimental than about getting a thrill
    [p.s. I kept the cat's collar for a couple of years as a reminder/trophy, then threw it out one day on impulse].

    Its not like I have only just stumbled on these ideas, they have been with me for a long time. The blog is new, the thoughts are not.

    If was worried about what others thought, I wouldnt post at all, thats the point isnt it?

  7. What's your point? Res killed a kitty?

    Your underlying statement is not mad. It is your presentation. It's frantic and overly-dramatic in almost a hysterical sense.

    If you go back and re-read it and think it sounds calm and sane, well, I guess telling a blind girl what color her eyes are doesn't help much.

  8. HA!!! Isn't that what creative writing is supoosed to be about? Convey the mood of the writer at the time? I'm not just here to give my opinion you know, I'm in this for myself as well. Being able to spill the contents of my head like that is quite cathartic. I'll let you in on a little secret, I actually wrote that after Hurricane Katrina, I found the whole thing really apalling - so yes frantic, overly dramatic if you think so, and maybe a tad of hysteria.

    All I'm saying about Res(and I actually quite like the guy) that I was a little startled to recieve judgement from him.

    Oh well can't please everyone I guess.

  9. lol i love you too nuts.
    it wasn't the content of the post that prompted my 'batshit crazy' comment - as i said: "i understand the sentiment... but from the style you've expressed it in..."
    and some nuts is good, it keeps life interesting. i.e. you make my life a little more interesting, therefore i wanted to encourage you back away from going the whole hog batshit crazy, which is where it sounded like you were going.
    twas probably rhetorical but actually i have indeed stopped the meds lately, but they were just for emergencies anyway :p

    and do you think killing an animal shows that i am crazy? pretty sure i heard a story about you and a rooster ;)

  10. Are there people capable of not passing judgement, truly? I can't relate, at all. My whole life's interaction with people is weighing and measuring them, not them against me.

    Perhaps it is not so hard a task, but for me, it would never work, end of story.

    I'm good at hiding judgment in that, "I don't pass judgment" with regards to how I treat them when they share something with me in confidence. But if someone's just showing me their crazy or nasty side, I won't forget it. It doesn't mean I think less of them, but I'm trying to figure out all their variables and tables so I can better handle and understand them.

  11. Res: I was never condemning you about the cat, but in comparison to my post, killing a cat seems a little bit worse dont you think? lol

    I'm quite glad that I was able to express my desperation and anguish via that post, that is how the state of the world makes me feel at times - I think I got my point across, you boys obviously heard it, thats all I wanted to convey.

    Dont worry, I've managed to keep the men in white coats away for this long =)

    Note: You are brilliant, dont stop =) you make me think harder and I like that. We all judge at times, it's kind of inevitable. BUT, how do we respond to that? Most of the time I realise my judging is because of my lack of experience, or my feelings of inadequacy, or plain old jealousy.

    We all experience negative thoughts, its how we implement them that makes all the difference =)

  12. killing a cat is only the worst i'd admit to on the internet...
    in terms of being judgmental - i'd say my opinion of someone is like a moving average of quite a lot of historical data on a person. so when a new datum is added, even if it is a bit of an outlier, the effect on my overall opinion of them is never very much. therefore i come across as very nonjudgmental of people's confessions to me, and in a way i am.